Katie Couric, Elitist Defeatist

Last Tuesday, CBS anchor and lover of tri-athletes, Katie Couric, spoke critically of the war in Iraq at the National Press Club, accusing Bush of disbanding the Iraq military and upsetting 100,000 Sunni men. That's 100,000 men otherwise known as the Ba'ath Party — who are basically Nazis, but poorly dressed.

Initially, I was impressed by Katie's newfound war expertise. But, really, should you listen? I mean, I only used to go to Katie for tips on exercising while pregnant.

Couric is what I call an "elitist defeatist." Their problem isn't why were fighting a war, but war itself and how it makes her feel inside. Wars are so mean! And Katie isn't mean… unless, of course, you work for her.

At the event, Couric said, "The whole culture of wearing flags on our lapel and saying 'we' when referring to the United States, it was just a little uncomfortable." See, patriotism is bad because you're taking sides. Saying "we," in matters of war, is icky. There's no "we" inside Katie. I know, because I saw her colonic.

Katie and her ilk are uncomfortable with patriotism because, like religion, it takes the focus off of her. Worse, it competes with ratings: Patriots root for the country — not for CBS.

Her kind of patriotism is one of "dissent" and that's the kind our enemies love. In that sense, Al Qaeda is America's truest patriots — for they're all about dissent. And for Katie, a serious journalist, that's the kind a patriotism she can get behind.

And that's my gut feeling.

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