Kate Winslet, Whoopi Goldberg and Kirstie Alley in the celebrity glow of the Foxlight.

Kate Winslet says she didn't think she could play Iris Murdoch in Iris because the real Iris was, "much more intelligent than me." But she did, and maybe it helped that the character did some swimming. Winslet says she's turning into the "H2O" actress. First Titanic: "Rose! Hang on Rose!" Then, in Quills she drowns in an 18th century laundry vat. And now Iris. Winslet says her acting resumé should have the line: "Also does water."

Talk about a cold audience. Whoopi Goldberg will be honored at this year's Comedy Festival kicking off Wednesday in Aspen, Colo. She'll wax funny on free speech and comedy in tough times. Will she try out any of the jokes she's honing for her role as Oscar host? Maybe. Look for gagmeister Bruce Vilanch in the crowd. He'll be the one holding the cue cards.

Finally, what's up with Kirstie Alley these days besides those Pier One commercials? At 51, the former Veronica's Closet star says her kids have been number one. But she is coming back briefly in something that can run between commercials. It's a CBS miniseries tentatively titled Salem Witches that's also tentative when it comes to an air date.