Kansas Couple Face Possible Life Sentence for Pimping Girl for Alcohol, Cigarettes

A man and woman in Wichita face possible life sentences in prison after being convicted of sexual assault in what prosecutors called the prostitution of the woman's 5-year-old daughter, KansasCity.com has reported.

On Friday, a jury deliberated about three hours before finding both adults guilty of two counts of rape and one count of sodomy. The mother was also convicted of aggravated child endangerment.

The couple faces 25 years to life in prison under Jessica's Law, which was passed in 2006 to toughen laws against child sexual abuse, KansasCity.com reports.

Prosecutors said the 48-year-old mother allowed her male acquaintance, 51-year-old Reggie Stafford, to abuse her daughter.

The girl testified her mother would use the money the friend gave her to buy "whiskey and cigarettes."

Neither adult presented evidence in their defense before the case went to the jury.

Sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 1.

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