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Deepak Kalpoe (search) has filed some sort of police complaint against Beth Holloway Twitty (search). He does not want Beth to show up at his work asking him questions about her daughter. Beth wants to do it and she discussed it Wednesday night on our show. I am not sure how this will play out.

Here is one thing I am sure of: If the authorities in Aruba (search) were in constant and full communication with Beth Holloway Twitty and made her confident of their work, she would not be taking matters into her own hands. She would not feel the need to investigate the case herself. She would be satisfied to simply sit and wait. Clients "break bad" and start doing their own work when they lose confidence that their causes are being advanced. This is totally predictable since this case is so important to this mother.

The chief prosecutor may be moving full speed ahead and with great progress, but unless she tells Beth about it, Beth will feel frustrated and will take matters into her own hands. This is "Law 101." Every good lawyer knows this. Beth is a very smart woman and she simply wants justice — but she needs to be confident that the investigation is moving forward. This is part of the prosecutor's job. So... if the prosecutor wants Beth to pull back — and I don't know that she necessarily does — she just needs to be in constant communication with Beth and making sure Beth knows of any progress. It is that simple. If the prosecutor ignores Beth, Beth will investigate herself. She may do more "home visits" like she did with Deepak two days ago.

Because of this latest development between Deepak and Beth, I figured this would be a good time to post some pictures we have of Deepak that have not yet been posted here. When he was in court last week, he was mobbed by the media as he exited with his lawyers. I snapped a bunch of pictures to give you some idea of the behind the scenes. The pics are posted today. Click on the link in the photo box above to check out my photo essay.

By the time you read this blog, we will be back on a plane... no, not Aruba (although we sure have that drill down!) We are headed to Los Angeles today and thus the show will be done out of our L.A. bureau. I hope you watch!

Now for some e-mails from you:

E-mail No. 1

I think it is shameful that you will not interview Cindy Sheehan (search) about her vigil in Crawford Texas. She represents the feelings of a large and growing number of U.S. citizens. You are nothing more than a Bush administration propaganda outlet, if you choose to ignore stories about the disapproval of our citizenry to the war in Iraq.
Mark Childress

ANSWER: I received this e-mail on Tuesday. Mark, you fired it off too soon, before you had all the facts. We tried to book Cindy Sheehan on Monday — a day before your e-mail — and could not reach her. Yesterday we did reach her — before your e-mail — and booked her for last night's show. I hope you watched.

E-mail No. 2

Deepak is "annoyed" that Beth Holloway Twitty came to talk to him? Too damn bad! He is a spineless liar, at best, and may very well be a rapist/murderer... The very idea that he is complaining about her visit is a joke. Too bad the authorities are not leaning on him, maybe he would prefer that to Mrs. Twitty. If the Aruban cops were doing their job, she wouldn't have to be questioning him herself. It is pathetic. I will never go to Aruba. It is obviously not safe. It is a lawless, pathetic excuse for a civilized society.
Love your show, Greta!

E-mail No. 3

Has anyone investigated the police officers on duty the night Natalee disappeared? I wonder if one of them or someone off duty helped Joran and his father dispose of her body. Perhaps someone in the police department owed Paul van der Sloot a favor? This might explain why her body has never been found. I would think that someone within the police department could dispose of a body without it being found as opposed to the Van der Sloots. I think they had help.
Also I am a travel agent and I will not book any more clients into Aruba. If they specifically ask for that destination they will have to go elsewhere to book it.
This entire investigation is an outrage and it is obvious that if this case is solved it won't be because of the Aruban authorities.
Send Mark Fuhrman, Jeff Fieger and Ted over there and we would see some major progress!
Kathleen Hurst
Holly Lake Ranch, TX

E-mail No. 4

I have just learned (on FOX News) that Deepak will file charges against Beth for illegal harassment. It seems that it is not legal to interrogate a civilian for 90 minutes unless you are an officer of the court or a police officer. Amazing. Very unfair. Beth should be allowed to lynch anyone she wants to, despite a lack of authority to do so or any evidence. Frankly, Greta, Beth is growing more psychotic by the hour and is inflicting vigilante justice against people who lack culpability by established legal standards.
You, Greta, aid and abet her illegal and bizarre behavior. I believe the legal term for that is accomplice. It carries criminal penalties.
Alan Burnstein

E-mail No. 5

Hello again Greta:
I am so angry about this recent complaint against Beth Holloway! Poor Deepak felt threatened from a petite woman who just wants to know what happened to her beloved daughter. I bet Natalee felt threatened and was unable to fight back. Where is it written that she can't ask questions? This is the biggest cover up. The Holloways are enduring enough grief and don't need or deserve any more.
Perhaps Deepak's lawyer can encourage him to tell the truth?
Patricia Learnard
Salem, SC

E-mail No. 6

Dear Greta:
I know that there is no reason in the world that you should believe anything that I am about to say; however, please take a leap of faith and ask. I have been following this case from the beginning and sent a letter to Beth at the Holiday Inn on July 14. On August 8, I received a phone call from Beth, I know it was her by the voice and she clearly had my letter. She stated that my letter raised some points that she thought had been overlooked. The call was at about 8 a.m.; however, at the time I was tired and half asleep in addition to being out of sorts because I was never expecting such a call. The reason I was so exhausted at that time of the morning was I had not gotten to bed until nearly 6:30 a.m. do to watching the aborted shuttle landing. I do not know if she is making phone calls like this to many people or if I said something in the letter that raised her interest. I want to help in anyway possible and passionately believe that the government of Aruba does not care about Natalee or her family. I felt very bad about being off guard that morning and wish that I could have raised a couple of other things with Beth. I would like to extend my apologies to her for being out of it when she called.
Is Beth just making phone calls to some of the people that have sent letters and cards, etc. or did I really say something that sparked her interest? Please express my apologies to her and that I am willing to do whatever I can to help her. Greta there is no reason for you to believe me, but please ask. I know that if I were you I would not believe this e-mail, but please ask.
Eugene G. Bernat

ANSWER: I think Beth is truly appreciative of the concern and help from so many... and from time to time she gets on the phone as she did to you. I know that she is unable to respond to everyone but that she would like to do so.

E-mail No. 7

Beth Holloway Twitty has taken on an air of importance/authority that is unwarranted, that of judge and jury. Someone needs to tell her that crucifying innocent people will not bring back her daughter who got herself lost! I genuinely believe the Kalpoe brothers and Joran are innocent. They haven't "cracked" because they are INNOCENT. I hope she is saving up for the huge slander suits coming her way soon!
Disgusted in Houston,
Yvonne Waddell

E-mail No. 8

I watch your broadcast daily and happens to be intriguing because of the missteps and errors that the Aruban law enforcement seems to make. It seems to be the case that Paul van der Sloot and the Kalpo brothers are being protected. The notoriety of this case should prove to Aruban authorities that one they need to delve deeper into the Van der Sloots and their property for safe assurance. The progression of this case would be better handled by the FBI and they may be able to provide more evidence. Arubans should invite more help from America since it is one of our own. So how about the man missing in 1999 and the other woman from the cruise? It all seems rather too eerie and parents should not let their children venture there alone.
Obviously, when Beth confronted Deepak Kalpoe and Paul Van der Sloot — they may have to seem both reacted the same way — sweating and nervous (sounds like a sure sign to me) something is up.
The only suffering here is the Holloway family who long to find their young daughter who has obviously was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
What will it be another unsolved mystery? This case would clearly be an excellent book and movie.
I hope the Holloway family gets their justice in this lifetime.

E-mail No. 9

In regards to Beth Holloway Twitty's visit to Deepak at the Internet café: If Aruba didn't want the Kalpoes to be interrogated publicly, they should have kept them behind bars. And if they don't like the questions, don't give someone a reason to ask them.
Beth, you go woman!
Best Wishes,
F.J. Moffa
Cherry Hill, NJ

E-mail No. 10

I just heard about the complaint filed against Beth by Deepak Kalpoe. That's like the fox eating the chickens and then suing the farmer! I know that you would love to find something to help convict those awful boys. As a lawyer you must have seen many similar cases where you knew someone was guilty but there wasn't enough evidence. I'm afraid that Janssen is going to drop the ball on this one.

E-mail No. 11

We have just upgraded our dish so we could get the FOX News Channel. We did this because Bill Hemmer was signed by FOX. Is he on a local FOX station in New York or will he be on the FOX network? We watched him on CNN from the beginning of his career and have switched to FOX News because of him. Thank you for any information you may give us.
Dale McFarland

ANSWER: I am happy that Bill is starting at FOX News Channel. I am very excited to have him as a colleague (again!)

E-mail No. 12 — I got this e-mail tip during our show Tuesday night and we were able to get live video of this on the show in the last minute, thanks to Dan!

There is a huge fire in the Detroit area right now and no one is covering it — some type of industrial plant. Get it before anyone else does. Send to Greta or Bill right away.
Dan Drayer
Bay City, MI

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