What's the matter, doesn't being a member of 'N Sync pay enough? Not according to some Manhattan waitresses who says Justin Timberlake likes to eat and run. They tell The New York Post he thinks everything is comped when he shows up -- including the tip. He doesn't have to buy-buy-buy? One sassy server who does wait on him is smart: She gets his credit card up front.

Was it all just a dream like Pamela Ewing on Dallas? One NBC exec says there may be a 10th year of Friends after this so-called "last year." The unidentified source says the money will be just too big to ignore. More than $1 million per episode? What are they going to do, give them the network? And at what point do viewers say, like baseball, these players are just making too much?

Finally, when you roast Chevy Chase you expect some of the members of the old Saturday Night Live cast to show up, right? Forget it. Of the more than 20 roasters, only the tame Laraine Newman from the cast showed up. Guess all those stories about how universally hated he was outlined in the new Tom Shales book are true. He's Chevy Chase you're glad you're not.