Just Call Me the 'King of Stain'

Dear Friends of "FOX & Friends,"

Welcome to another week of America's number one cable morning news show. It is the last unofficial week of summer, since Labor Day is bearing down on us next Monday, so lets make this week count!

One of the things that I see in your e-mails that you enjoy about our show, is the fact that things happen to us in our real lives, and we mention it, and sometimes they have a way of taking over the show. Today was one of those days.

Before we started at 6 am, Kelly Wright and I were talking about the Emmy telecast Sunday night, when I noticed that my pen felt different, it's not normally wet. I looked down and immediately noticed that things were different, my hand is not normally jet black. Make that ink jet black. My pen exploded. It was lucky that it happened in my hand, because I'd had it in my pocket just moments earlier, so the worst that happened was I messed up a desktop, and my left hand. Just call me the King of Stain.

Normally an inky hand is no big deal, but because it's my weather pointing hand, people emailed, wondering what happened to my pointer. So I explained. Then I opened the flood gates by asking for any suggestions to remove ink from skin. We receieved between five and six hundred suggestions. Here's a sample of some of your good ideas, cut and pasted from our inbox:

• A sure fire method of removing both black and blue ink is to use (aqua net) hair spray. (Most hair sprays won't work.) In addition to excellent results, there is no harm to the skin. Just spray the ink spot and leave 5 to 10 seconds before wiping off. Second or third application may be necessary. It works on all surfaces.
Love your show and have a good day.
Fran Loder Tulsa, Oklahoma

• Good Morning!! Thanks for the chuckle this am... Went thru the same inky mess and found BLEACH to be the only answer! Be sure to rinse hands as the bleach is powerful.
Enjoy your Show - Myra

• Tell Steve to use hairspray on the ink mess on his hand. Also it will make the hair on his knuckles look good. Seriously, the hairspray will work.
Bev Singleton.

• Use GoJo waterless handcleaner, it should work. It also works well as a stain cleaner for clothes. Use before laundering. Simple Green will remove even dried duct tape from aluminum, using scotchbrite pads. I KNOW, I've already been there.
J McCallum
Fredericksburg, TX

• The way to clean your hands...Fels Naptha Soap also known as "brown laundry soap"
Remember, cleanliness is next to godliness.
Catskill, NY

• Go to your auto parts store and get a bottle of mechanics hand cleaner. It has an orange smell to it and works on about any thing. even spots on clothes.
Your welcome.
Gary B of Buckley

• Steve, use a cotton ball with some bleach on it, that will take the ink right off. I watched as you tried all the other ideas sent to you. PLEASE be careful not to get it on your great clothes. I have to use this method a lot do to my job. It works.
Carol from Holland Ohio
P.S. You guys are the best. We watch all the time.

• Tell Steve to try WD40 or liquid Spic and Span on his inked hand.
Debbie-Louisville, KY

• You can use tacky finger to remove the ink. It might take some time seeing how much ink you have on your hand. Tacky finger is purchased in office equipment stores and is used to seperate money, paper, etc... I am a teller and everyday I change my date stamp and get ink on my fingers. I clean it off with tacky finger and a Kleneex.

• My 3 year old son loves to mark his arms and legs with ink pens when he finds one. I tried hand sanitizer. I don’t get to watch the entire show so you may have tried that already. It doesn’t remove the entire mark, but most of it goes away. The one we use is Germ X.
Good luck!
Wendy Charrier
Lafayette, LA

• Tell Steve to go home and wash the dishes by hand and then do the laundry handwashing and then wash the cars, the windows and cut the grass, then sweep out the garage and then clean the bathrooms and then clean the pool and water the plants and then take a shower and then take the wife out to dinner... THEN.... just see if the ink went away yet. If not, just wait for a few weeks.

Thanks for all of the great ideas, we tried hairspray, baby oil, peanut butter, some Mr. Clean wipes, hand sanitizer and even peanut butter. It didn't remove the stain, but I know my dog will lick my knuckles as soon as I get home, where I shall try some more of your ideas, because so far the the stain...stays. If nothing works I'm going to the garage, getting the gas can, and then pouring a fistful of gas on my knuckles. I would have done that first but there are two problems with gas: 1: the smell, "Who's there, Mr. Goodwrench?", and 2: Gas is $3.20 a gallon in my town.

Wait a minute, that's cheaper than peanut butter!

See you in the morning!

Steve Doocy
King of Stain

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