Jury Awards Man, 53, $9 Million After ED Treatments Leave 'Permanent' Scars

A jury has awarded a 53-year-old man $9 million in compensatory and punitive damages after he sued his doctor’s office, claiming treatments for erectile dysfunction left him permanently scarred and sexually aroused for two days, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

John Henry Howard claimed he went to the Boston Men’s Health Center in 2006, seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction. After he received one injection to the penis, Howard purchased six months of treatments, which he was to give himself at home, three times a week.

Howard said after giving himself his first at-home treatment, he experienced a two-day erection and developed scar tissue.

The injections reportedly included papaverine, which is an opium derivative designed to increase blood flow.

The health clinic maintained its position that Howard was taught how to properly inject himself, and given instructions on what to do if he experienced an unusually long erection, since that is a side effect of the drug.

However, Howard’s attorney told the court that his client felt the medical center misled him about the treatments.

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