Julia Stiles, Josh Hartnett, Michael Douglas and Ab Fab

Julia Stiles, Josh Hartnett, Michael Douglas and Ab Fab in the video glow of the Foxlight.

Remember all the suits worried about the hip-hop version of Othello called O after Columbine? If you missed it in theaters, you can see if it's to be or not to be any good on video this week. Julia Stiles and Josh Hartnett became a lot more famous after making it. But the bard with basketball? Is that a spinning noise I hear from Shakespeare's grave?

Next, Michael Douglas is a doctor who has to determine if Brittany Murphy is really crazy and even get her to tell him some number or where his family is....oh, I don't know. I saw this movie and I can't really describe it. Maybe that's why it's called Don't Say a Word. Creepiest of all? They sent me a Brittany doll that utters that catch phrase, "I'll never tell."

Finally, I've never really gotten the whole two drunk British gals in a mid-life crisis comedy called Absolutely Fabulous. But I thought Titanic took too long to hit that iceberg, so don't go by me. Hordes of fans scream "Cheers!" for the bawdy pair who say, "Sin Is In." Now the complete series four is here from BBC video. If you are among the devoted, it's happy hours.