Juggling Act

What makes our show "fun" are the surprises. I don't just mean the technical issues that create hurdles for us in the middle of the show, or breaking news. It also includes the mix of stories -- we do everything from war to politics to crime to bizarre to entertainment. I am lucky that in our show I am not married to one type of show or one topic. I get to do everything.

We "follow" the news. Sometimes we will do a show on a single topic. For example, for months last year we went "wall-to-wall" on the war in Iraq with live shots in the region with reporters, spokespersons in the military and military experts. There are some nights when we spend the hour on the Scott Peterson murder trial with witnesses, lawyers and reporters.

Of course, some nights we do a mix of everything. That requires some thinking on transition. How do you go from the war in Iraq, to a murder trial in California? Wednesday night was a perfect example of having to do a transition, but we had no chance to plan.

If you saw last night's show, you know that, among other guests, we had former Secretary of State Albright talking about Iraq and North Korea. We also had two United States Senators -- a Republican and a Democrat -- talking about Iraq and the role of the U.S. Senate in the war. We also three times went live to the war region for updates (reporters and military spokesman.)

Our last segment was a live shot in the region giving us an update on Fallajah. In the break before we started this last segment, my New York producer said to me in my earpiece: "Amber Frey had her baby. We should report it." I said, "OK, how?" She said, "Well, it will be a bit odd, but we need to do it before the live shot in Baghdad, or after. I suggest 'after' as you say good-bye." I said, "OK," but could not help but think, "How do you go from Baghdad to Amber Frey in one segment?" This is what makes TV news a roller coaster ride for those of us in it.

In other Peterson news, I received my regular e-mail update from inside the courtroom yesterday:

Trial Updates
Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Scott was dressed in a dark charcoal gray suit, with a white shirt and a beige/yellow power tie - a tie with a tiny pattern. (posted by request)
Aside: Geragos looked like a chipmunk on his left side, the result of a bad tooth abscess. Judge Delucchi told Geragos if he got really uncomfortable, he could take a break.

Another aside: Today, before court, while Geragos talked to Judge Delucchi about his tooth, Delucchi held the door open that leads to chambers. On the wall behind him was a movie poster of W. C. Fields' movie Bank Dick. This may explain the judge's delightful sense of humor.

Finally, I think you have to see this picture. I think it is funny. As you know from Wednesday's blog, I covered the women's march on Sunday in Washington, D.C. and took pictures. I was looking through my pictures last night after I got home and this one caught my attention. Look closely in this picture and see if you see someone VERY familiar. She is waving at me. Guess right who it is and I will send you a show bumper sticker if you don't already have one. Make sure you send me your address if you want one!


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