Judge Asked to Rule Georgia Election Void Because of Transgender Candidate

Two unsuccessful city council candidates in Riverdale say a fellow candidate committed fraud when she ran as a woman.

Georgia Fuller and Stanley Harris — who lost bids for council seats — filed petitions in Clayton County Superior Court last week asking the judge to stop the upcoming runoff election. The lawsuit alleges that incumbent Michelle Bruce — who identifies herself as transgendered and goes by Michelle Mickey Bruce — misled voters by identifying herself as a female during the Nov. 6 election.

The suit, which identifies her as "Michael Bruce," asks a judge to rule the November election results invalid and order another general election.

The Secretary of State's inspector general is also reviewing a complaint from Fuller and Harris to determine if an investigation is needed, spokesman Matt Carrothers said.

Bruce's voter registration, notice of candidacy and driver's license identify her as Michelle Bruce, a white female. She told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she was born transgendered but declined to say if she had surgery to change her gender.

"That's private," she said. "The people don't care about it."

The suit also alleges that City Clerk Stephanie Thomas, who serves as the city's elections superintendent, tampered with the voting machines and counted 115 paper ballots before the Nov. 6 election. The suit says the voting machines were not certified by the secretary of state's office.

Riverdale City Attorney Deana Johnson says the runoff election will happen as planned unless the court rules otherwise.

"There were no problems with the election," she said.