Jordanians Charged in Plot to Kill Americans

Military prosecutors have charged four Jordanian militants with conspiracy to kill Americans working at a center to train Iraqi police east of the capital.

The seven-page indictment released Wednesday said Ma'ath Breizat, 19, Ibrahim al-Jahawsheh, 28, Faisal al-Rweidhan, 28, and Ibadah al-Hiyari, 24, had conspired to carry out terrorist acts and illegally owned automatic weapons.

The charge sheet said the four monitored the road to the training facility and watched the Americans' daily travel there.

Once they formed a plan, the indictment said, the four began training with automatic rifles and, at one point, followed the Americans to a residence near the U.S. Embassy. It also said al-Hiyari tried to persuade Breizat to join the insurgency in Iraq.

The four were arrested Aug. 31. No trial date has been set.