Johnny Depp Stopped For Strange Booty

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Johnny Depp (search) portrays a pirate (search) in his latest movie, but in real life the unusual booty in his bag recently caught airport authorities by surprise.

After his flight from Lima, Peru, to Miami landed, the actor was stopped by security, according to a report on the San Francisco Chronicle's Web site.

"The customs guys went straight for me and asked what I had in my bag," the eccentric thespian said in a syndicated column on the site. "I said, 'Piranhas.'"

Security found stuffed piranhas (search) and a dead vampire bat inside Depp's carry-on. Apparently, the actor has a taxidermy collection and had brought back some new critter cadavers to add to the shelf.

But the deceased creatures weren't the main cause of alarm for authorities. Vitamin powder was also in the bag, and it resembled the substance a previous character of Depp's in Blow enjoyed immensely, according to the New York Post.

"It had exploded during the flight," Depp said. "He unzipped the bag and a poof of white powder came out. He thought he'd hit the mother lode."

Depp recently attended a star-studded premiere at Disneyland in California for his upcoming release Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. The film is named after the amusement park's ride.

Co-starring Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom and new British starlet Keira Knightly (Bend it Like Beckham) the tale of treachery and passion on the high seas was produced by Mr. Summer Blockbuster himself, Jerry Bruckheimer.

The Disney movie opens in theaters July 9. Contraband candy and stuffed fish are not allowed in theatres.