Johnny Carson, Jane Seymour and Robert Evans

Carson, Jane Seymour and Robert Evans in the freshly tanned glow of The Foxlight.

Johnny Carson isn't coming out on tour, but his Emmys are. They'll be on display in his hometown in Nebraska along with other Carson memorabilia. But wheeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny? Either at home playing tennis or out on his boat according to pal Ed McMahon, with absolutely no plans to return -- even for a TV special -- ever.

Want to buy a dress? Jane Seymour will sell it to you. Seymour's launching her own Web site -- On it, are clothes you can buy. It's called the Jane Seymour Signature Collection. The company that's actually providing the clothes -- Crossing Pointe -- says it's fashions "inspired" by Jane Seymour. Is anyone really clamoring to look like Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman?

Finally, seen around town since his new movie is an indie smash -- bumper stickers that say "I Brake for Robert Evans." But would they give the Romeo producer a ride? Careful ladies, he's 72 only on the outside.