John Edwards Breaks From Campaign for Candy

What do you get on Halloween if your father is running for president? A big media entourage.

Democrat John Edwards, his two children and some friends went trolling for candy Wednesday in a neighborhood of long driveways and mini-mansions, trailed by still photographers, a half-dozen videographers, sound technicians, reporters and costumed campaign aides.

"Thank you, thank you very much," Edwards called out to people who opened their doors. He reminded Emma Claire, 9, and Jack, 7, to do the same.

"What's the word, E.C.," he said as his daughter streaked from one lawn to the next, kicking up leaves in her path.

"Through here!" she shouted to her gang.

Jack, cape flying, broke free from his father and chased after her.

"Careful, careful, don't fall," Edwards called out.

Jack dressed as a Spartan warrior from the R-rated battle movie "300," complete with a red cape, maroon shorts and bronze helmet with a hank of black hair dangling from the end. A flesh-toned top, puffy with plush but false muscles, and a pair of white tights completed the costume. Campaign staffers said Jack had not seen the film.

Emma Claire dressed as a 1950s bobby-soxer in white tights, cardigan and sandals with a bubble-gum pink skirt.