Joey Lauren Adams (search) is back in California editing "Come Early Morning (search)," her obsession of the last five years.

It's hardly like strutting the red carpet at the Golden Globes or dancing opposite John Travolta (search) on screen, but Adams says it's worth it to finish the movie she wrote, directed and filmed in her hometown of North Little Rock.

After working for years to secure financial backers and turning away offers to film for less money in other states, Adams says she was able to shoot the Southern-themed movie the way it was conceived in her head.

"I've been over the scenes hundreds and hundreds of times," she said in a telephone interview. "I really feel like it's a Southern film without being a caricature."

With shooting done and stars Ashley Judd (search) and Diane Ladd (search) gone, Adams has no distributor — and isn't looking yet.

The first goal, she said, is to finish the movie in time to make the October submission deadline for the Sundance Film Festival.

She said she tentatively plans a premiere in Little Rock.