Joe, Say it Ain't So!

You know who I feel sorry for right now? Joe Lieberman (search).

I mean imagine being this guy. He holds off entering the 2004 presidential race until he knows for sure his old running mate pal, Al Gore isn't joining the contest.

Everywhere he goes, Joe says nice things about Al. How he was robbed. How he was cheated. How he was a good man who got a raw deal.

You might not agree with Joe politically, but you can't deny the fact he was good and decent to Al Gore personally.

Then what does Al do? He zings him -- big time.

Not only endorses Howard Dean for the Democratic nomination, but doesn't have the common decency to call Joe up and tell him.

How difficult would that call have been to make? Maybe something like, "Hi, Joe, it's Al. Got some bad news for you. But no offense, your campaign doesn't appear to be going anywhere... Dean seems the guy. So I'm hopping on that bandwagon and keeping my options open. Capisce?”

Actually, never in a million years would you hear Al Gore say "capisce," but you get my point.

It still would have been slimy and phony and wormy. But it wouldn't have been as slimy or as phony or as wormy.

No matter: Al's with Howard and Joe's with nobody.

There's no reward for loyalty in life. There's less of it in politics. Just ask Joe.

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