JOB HUNT: Casinos in America


• 15 states have legalized table games for commercial casinos.

• There about 445 casinos in the United States

• Commercial Casinos employ more than 350,000 people nationwide.

• 2008: Employees at U.S. commercial casinos earned more than $14 billion, a +2.2% increase from 2007.

• During the past two decades, the casino work force has increased nearly 80%

• Roughly 25% (more than 54 million) of the U.S. adult population visit casinos every year

• 2008: Casino and card room gaming accounted for 47% of total North American gaming revenue

• 2008: Commercial casinos contributed more than $5.6 billion in tax revenues to state and local goverments

Pennsylvania Table Games Bill - Funds to the State

• PA counting on one-time table games fees paid by casinos to produce nearly $200 million for the current state budget.

• Then ongoing taxes on table game revenue amounting to about $100 million per year will help succeeding state budgets.

• The tax rate on the gross revenue from table games is 16%

Jobs added for Pennsylvania table games

• In Bensalem, Parx Casino plans to have 140 to 180 table games in place as soon as legally possible.

• Table games at Parx Casino would create about 600 jobs.

• Addition of the games would add positions across the board at Parx Casino.

• Table games at SugarHouse projected to add another 200-250 jobs to the 500 already being created just with slots.

• Harrah’s Chester Casino & Racetrack expects to add 300 employees to a work force now at more than 1,000.


• Nevada legalized casino gaming in 1931.

• November 2009: Table games accounted for gaming revenues of $312.8 million, an increase of 17.3 percent compared with a year ago

• November 2009: More than $2.4 billion was wagered on table games in Nevada - an increase of 13.6 percent compared with a year ago.

• November 2009: Nevada saw its first monthly rise in gaming revenues in almost two years.

Atlantic City

• Gaming revenues in Atlantic City fell more than 13% in 2009, the largest year-over-year decline in the resort's history.

• Atlantic City resorts generated $3.9 billion of revenues, generating $295.3 million of tax revenue in 2009.

• December 2009: Atlantic City's gaming revenues declined by 9.8 percent to $272.1 million