Jimmy Carter at it Again

Jimmy Carter is at it again.

Tuesday he writes in The Washington Post that Israel has a right to defend itself, but it shouldn't make civilians in Lebanon suffer and expect them to blame Hezbollah for the devastation and death from Israeli return fire.

Thus, according to Carter logic, if Hezbollah fires rockets at Israelis from the middle of Lebanese civilians — as the U.N. says Hezbollah has in fact done — then Israel must not shoot back because civilians might be hurt or killed.

Cater says it is inhumane to make Lebanese civilians suffer. OK, agreed. But it is also wrong to exempt Hezbollah from blame for the suffering it has brought on its own people.

Under these peculiar Carter rules, Hezbollah can always shoot at Israel as long as they do it from areas with heavy civilian populations.

Hezbollah picks the places to fire rockets, and so it picks the places Israel will attack in response.

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