'Jeopardy!' to Hold 'Super Tournament'

If winning more than $2.5 million wasn't enough, "Jeopardy!" (search) whiz Ken Jennings (search) will have a shot at winning an additional $2 million — but the competition will be tougher this time around.

Producers of the game show announced Tuesday a "Super Tournament," (search) which will pit Jennings in a final match against two survivors of a competition between nearly 150 past five-time winners.

Host Alex Trebek called the tournament the "quest for Ken."

"Ever since Ken started his amazing run, people have been speculating on how some of the past 'Jeopardy!' players would do against him," Trebek said in a statement. "We're answering that question."

Jennings, too, was anxious about the challenge.

"I can't wait to see who I'll be up against in the finals," he said.

Jennings earned $2,520,700 after a 74-game winning streak. He was beaten by California real estate agent Nancy Zerg.

The matches will begin airing in February or March, and the finals will air in May, said "Jeopardy!" publicist Jeff Ritter.

The third-place winner will receive $250,000 and the second-place winner, $500,000.