'Jeopardy!' King Jennings Beat at Own Game

Maybe Ken Jennings (search) isn't so tough after all.

The "Jeopardy!" brainiac met his match this week, losing a three-day tournament of champions from the game show and a $2 million prize to Brad Rutter (search) of Lancaster, Pa.

Rutter was hardly intimidated by Jennings' 74-game winning streak in the game show last year. He beat Jennings in all three individual games, and his final total of $62,000 easily eclipsed Jennings' $34,599.

Rutter, a former record store clerk, won more than $1 million on "Jeopardy!" (search) in 2002, and whipped several other former champions to earn the right to face Jennings. He is host of his own local quiz show in Pennsylvania.

Knowing he was about to lose, Jennings wrote "Go Brad" as part of his final answer in the game televised Wednesday. He had more to lose than a game. The defeat could bruise the Utah resident's mystique, especially since he is trying to turn his trivia prowess into a career — with his own board game, book and Comedy Central game show in the works.

With categories like Belgian and Asian history, Latin, poets and rocks, viewers watching the final game at home were hard-pressed to keep up. Second place earned Jennings $500,000, part of the largest single-day payoff in TV game show history. Third-place finisher Jerome Vered earned $250,000.