Jennifer Aniston's Ex Cancels eBay Auction

If you wanted a makeshift birthday card supposedly written on a piece of toilet paper by Jennifer Aniston (search), you'll have to look elsewhere.

Aniston's former fling Michael Baroni (search), a California lawyer, has canceled his eBay auction — originally set to begin Friday — of keepsakes from the pair's teenage romance.

The goods included a piece of paper with Aniston's name and phone number written in lipstick and a photo of the pair hugging when they first met.

"I have voluntarily canceled the eBay auction upon receiving word from one of Jennifer's representatives that she didn't want me conducting the auction," Baroni said in a statement to The Associated Press on Friday. "I have nothing but fond memories of Jennifer as a friend and only wish her well."

Aniston's representative, Stephen Huvane, didn't immediately return a call Friday for comment.

According to Baroni, there was confusion when three fake auctions popped up on the online auction Web site.

"Any such postings on eBay purporting to be from me were not, in fact, from me," said Baroni.