Jaycee Dugard Wants to Reclaim Pets Kept at Kidnap Suspect's Home

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Jaycee Dugard says she wants her pets back after they were taken from the property where she allegedly was held captive since being kidnapped 18 years ago.

Contra Costa County animal services Lt. Joe DeCosta says an advocate of Dugard has indicated that she wants her five cats, two dogs, three cockatiels, a pigeon and a mouse back in her possession.

Officials say they're working on a reunion.

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The animals have been in protective custody since they were found Aug. 27 on the Antioch property of Phillip and Nancy Garrido. The couple have been charged with kidnapping a then-11-year-old Dugard in 1991.

DeCosta says the animals are in good condition and most have been placed in temporary foster homes until Dugard can reclaim them.