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Danisha Maddox Murder: Police in Clayton County, Atlanta need your help in the case of 19-year-old Danisha Maddox, who died while trying to escape a rapist. Investigators say Danisha was running for her life when she fell and hit her head. Maddox died of massive head trauma. Her apparent rapist is still on the lose. Police Chief Jeff Turner joins us with more on the manhunt for her rapist.

Natalee Holloway Mystery: The mother of a missing Alabama teen Natalee Holloway, who disappeared in Aruba, is launching an effort to keep teens safe on school trips overseas. Beth Twitty wants to teach young people to protect themselves with her Save Yourself Personal Safety Awareness Program. She’ll be here.

And, EquuSearch founder Tim Miller and a deepwater search team from Florida will travel back to Aruba to search an area three to five miles off the island's coast for Natalee after Aruba's police commissioner said she might be inside a fish trap dropped deep into the water. What else did the police commissioner reveal and how soon does Miller expect to head to Aruba? We’ll ask him.

Bodybuilder Killers: Will the muscle-bound couple charged with murdering their assistant get the death penalty? Craig Titus and his wife Kelly Ryan are accused of killing their personal assistant, Melissa James, and lighting her body on fire and then skipping town, leading to a nationwide manhunt. Las Vegas Review Journal’s Frank Curreri reveals more about the curious couple.

Unsolved Crime: We’ll tell you about the mysterious death of Emily Anderson, who was found dead inside the tool compartment of her Chevrolet Silverado. She was apparently shot to death. The Sawmills, N.C. native had been missing for nine days until an anonymous phone call to a Waffle House led police to her body. Sheriff Gary Clark will fill us in on the search for a suspect in this shocking murder mystery.

Suspected Serial Killer: Police have revealed new details surrounding the New Mexico man accused of kidnapping and killing Brooke Wilberger, the 19-year-old Brigham Young University freshman who disappeared while visiting her sister in Oregon. Joel Courtney was indicted on aggravated murder, kidnapping, rape and sodomy charges in the Wilberger case last August. Prosecutors have indicated Courtney had a violent past, but they have now labeled him a suspected serial killer. Have we even begun to identify the full scope of this suspected serial killer's crimes? "The Lineup" investigates!

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