Janet Jackson says finding love with longtime boyfriend and producer Jermaine Dupri gave her a new perspective on life while recording her new album.

"I always wanted to find love," she said. "Now, that I found love, I'm in a different space now.

"Jermaine is drama-free," the 40-year-old singer said at news conference Friday to promote the upcoming album, "20 Years Old." "He's a very giving person. The challenges have been all joy working with Jermaine."

Dupri produced a few tracks on the album, which is set for release on Sept. 26. Longtime collaborators Jimmy "Jam" Harris and Terry Lewis pitched in as well.

When asked about having a family, Jackson said: "I would love to have kids. I never thought I would ever want any. But being with Jermaine really changed my mind on all that. I don't mind adopting."

Jackson lost 60 pounds after passing on a role in the upcoming movie "Tennessee" to finish the album. The pop star won't be slowing down anytime soon, saying she currently is weighing five movie scripts.

"I know sometimes I want a little escape and have a good time," said Jackson, who calls herself at Atlanta resident. "I hope there are people out there I can make feel good through my music."

Asked if she used the same type of sexual material this time as on past albums, she said: "I enjoy talking about it. It shouldn't be any different from before."