Jake Gyllenhaal Suddenly Surrounded by the 'D-Word'

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Divorce issues seem to be swirling around Jake Gyllenhaal these days.

According to court documents, his parents, Stephen Gyllenhall and estranged wife Naomi Foner, are exchanging bitter words regarding their ongoing divorce.

"I have repeatedly asked Stephen to pay his one-half share of our bills, and he has refused to do so," Foner claims in divorce papers published obtained by TMZ.com.

And according to an email obtained by the New York Post, Foner has said "I have been clear that if worse comes to worse, I will let all of this collapse into ruin, just as I believe letting the markets crash and burn [is] the right approach. Pain now for clarity and balance later."

In addition Jake's his parents, his new girlfriend, Reese Witherspoon, is not only recently divorced from actor Ryan Phillippe, she is also starring in a movie about a happily unmarried couple who have four sets of in-laws on account of, well, divorce!

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In this week’s issue of OK magazine – which boasts Witherspoon as the cover girl – the star says she felt that the movie would resonate with fans.

“I’d never seen anyone do the idea of a blended family and how they have to go to a million different places, but I hear people complain about it constantly,” she told the magazine.

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Could she have been talking about Jake? Let’s just hope Witherspoon and Gyllenhall will have better luck if (and when?) they tie the knot.

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