Jailed Waterbury Mayor Makes Deal

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The city's jailed mayor, who has refused to resign despite being imprisoned on federal child sex charges, won't face a costly impeachment process, but he must give up all official powers and agree not to return to City Hall.

Under the deal with the city's Board of Aldermen, Mayor Philip Giordano will be allowed to keep his title, benefits and half of his $83,500 yearly pay.

"He's only mayor to the extent that he calls himself mayor to his friends in the penitentiary," acting Mayor Sam Caligiuri said.

Giordano's lawyer, Andrew Bowman, was expected to sign the deal Tuesday.

The board voted 9-6 Monday to accept the deal, rather than choose an impeachment process involving an investigation and a trial, which they said would be too expensive and probably not conclude before Giordano's term expires Dec. 31. Before his arrest, Giordano had announced that he would not seek another term.

Caligiuri had asked for a unanimous vote, but some aldermen said they wanted a resignation instead.

"We need closure on this. A resignation does that," said Ronald Napoli, minority leader of the board and a mayoral candidate who voted against the settlement. "This agreement brings us close, but it doesn't get us all the way."

Caligiuri said Giordano, who has continued to collect his salary while in jail, wanted to keep all his benefits. He would be paid about $13,900 through the end of the year under the settlement.

"He's concerned for his family," said Caligiuri, who will receive half of Giordano's salary until the end of the year.

Giordano, 38, a married father of three has been jailed without bond at an undisclosed location since July 26, charged with using an interstate facility — such as a telephone or computer — to entice a minor into sexual activity. He awaits a decision by a federal grand jury on whether there is enough evidence to indict him.

The alleged victims are two girls, ages 9 and 10. If convicted, Giordano faces up to 10 years in prison and $250,000 in fines.