J-Lo, Sylvester Stallone and 'Finding Nemo'

J-Lo, Sylvester Stallone and "Finding Nemo" are in The Foxlight.

More "bling bling" for J. Lo. The actress was sporting a massive canary diamond on her right hand at the premiere of her new movie "Gigli." She hinted that it was a birthday present from Ben. J.Lo is building up quite a jewelry collection, courtesy of Affleck. He has also given her a six-carat pink diamond engagement ring. She says "he really caught me on the emotional." Uh-huh -- six-carat rings can do that. Now she's "Jenny Wears a Block."

During recent interviews for "Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over" Sylvester Stallone admited that his daughter thinks he's getting a little paunchy instead of punchy. "In the Rocky video game at home I play Rocky and she plays my lame opponent Spider from the first 'Rocky.' She's knocked me out 36 straight times so she thinks Rocky is a total fraud." And yes, there is going to be a Rocky 6. Who's he gonna take on now -- Abe Vigoda?

Finally, little Nemo has swallowed a lion. "Finding Nemo" has become the biggest-grossing first-run animated movie of all time, surpassing previous champ "The Lion King." Nemo has made $313.1 million. "The Lion King," grossed $312.9 million when it was first released. But wait: "Lion King" later made another $16 million when it was re-released. Keep swimming, Nemo.