It's Time for the IRA to Disband

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As you can see I have my St. Patrick's Day green derby hat here on the set. More on that in a moment

First, St. Patrick's Day news on the Irish Republican Army (search), one of the few forces on the planet that can bring Senator Ted Kennedy and President Bush on the same side of an issue. Both senator Kennedy and President Bush have either made statements or taken action which say it's time for the IRA to go, time for it to disband, fold, disappear.

Why? Well, the IRA has turned into Tony Soprano's crooked crew — pulling stick-ups, murdering people, and murdering the murderers if they violated IRA orders or rules.

They pulled a Brinks job last year worth a couple million dollars. Then two IRA guys killed a guy in a bar; and then IRA heavies came to the dead guy's family and offered to shoot the killers as a way to make up.

Today President Bush greeted the sisters of the murdered man, who turned down the IRA's offer of retribution murder.

And both Bush and Senator Kennedy refused to see Gerry Adams, leader of Sinn Fein (search), the so-called political arm of the IRA.

Kennedy has hosted Adams for eight St. Patrick's Day. But it's over now. And President Bush also uninvited Adams.

Hey, you're either against terrorists or you're not. And now that the IRA appears to be more criminal gang than freedom fighters — game over.

So that's the way officialdom in the U.S. government is observing St. Patrick's Day. We're done with terrorists — implication being that Americans should stop giving money to the IRA.

Now, about my green derby hat: You know why anchors never wear hats?

It's because once an anchor puts on a hat nobody listens to him anymore. They're too busy shouting at their friends, "Look at that stupid hat."

So now that I've almost completely lost your attention as you marvel over my hat, I wish you a safe and sane St. Patrick's Day.

Remember it's amateur hour in the Irish bars. So be careful.

That's my hat.

That's My Word.

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