If you didn’t sing the title of this blog entry to the theme of “The Brady Bunch” then I am either too old or still living in the 70s.

My Better Half and I are expecting our 6th child between us this November. All we are missing is Alice the housekeeper. The Hughes Bunch indeed!

Yesterday we discovered that we are having a baby girl. We saw her through the magical eyes of medical science and technology. She squirmed. She kicked. She sucked her thumb and scratched her head. And we now can call her a SHE, officially, although all of our instincts were right all along. She even has a name now, which we will keep to ourselves for privacy reasons.

Collectively we already have 4 boys and 1 girl so the balance HAD to give to the females who are greatly outnumbered in our family, right? Besides, I am not sure I could handle any more testosterone in our home. Girl Power prevailed yesterday as Mom, Nana, Abuela (for the Gringos, that’s grandmother in Spanish), older Sister, and the females at large in the family let out a collective HURRAH!

So it looks like we will be buying lots of pink things. But that is ok. And lots of blue stuff would have been ok, too.

What really matters is having a healthy baby, regardless of its sex. You always hear people say that, but it’s so true.

My parents watched in amazement at the ultrasound images. It was my father’s birthday and what better present than to give him front row seats to the first glimpses of his grandchild. This technology wasn’t around when I was born and it goes to show you how far science has come. It wasn’t that long ago that doctors were limited to feeling the baby through the mother’s skin and making as many determinations as they could from that.

And if you are expecting and have the option of seeing your baby though newer 4-D technology, do it! It is INCREDIBLE. You can actually see the baby’s FACE. Even fingers and toes become more alive with this type of ultrasound. It’s takes current images to a whole new level.

So hello there sweet Baby Girl. Already you are making Daddy so incredibly happy.