Italian Police Uncover Mafia Suspect in Secret Bunker Raid

A top mafia suspect has been arrested after Italian police raided his underground hideout — despite it having a 650-foot "skateboard escape" tunnel.

Giuseppe Bastone, 28, was on a list of Italy's 100 most-wanted criminals and had been on the run since 2008, the ANSA news agency reported.

He is allegedly a major drug trafficker for the Neapolitan version of the mafia, the Camorra.

Officers found him when they climbed down a hidden trapdoor leading to a concrete-walled room 10 feet by 10 feet, under a house near Naples.

The bunker was connected to a narrow tunnel that was only waist-high — hence the need for a skateboard to slide along it, The Daily Telegraph said.

It led to a shaft with a metal staircase that emerged in a field.

The hideout itself was furnished with a fridge, a television and a DVD player.

Police said Bastone had been hiding in the bunker for nearly a year.

He was reportedly unarmed and did not resist arrest when he was captured on Monday.

It took firemen more than an hour to shift a steel door that led from the house to the hideout, the Telegraph said.

Police had suspected the bunker might have an escape tunnel but did not know where it might emerge.

Fifty officers and a helicopter were deployed during the raid in case Bastone tried to flee.

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