It pays to be a sexy mama, $25,000 to be exact.

Clad in everything from stripper garb to evening wear, hot moms across the country lined up in Miami Beach for a chance to compete for the title "Hottest Mom in America," the Miami Herald reported.

From the surgically "enhanced" to beauties au naturel, the group of over 200 hotties attracted the attention of passersby, with several male gawkers almost inducing a pile-up.

The foxy lady who takes home the prize will receive $25,000 for herself, a $25,000 scholarship for her children, an interview with a modeling agency and treatments with an injectable antiwrinkle gel for one year, to help her maintain her hot mom status.

Look, But Don't Touch

TAMPA, Florida (AP) — Bikini clubs in the Tampa Bay area are suing Hillsborough County over a law that prohibits customers from touching bar employees who are wearing nothing but bathing suits.

Three owners of bikini bars are fighting an ordinance that prohibits scantily clad employees from touching customers in an establishment that sells alcohol.

The bar owners filed a lawsuit last week in federal court, saying the county's ordinance illegally restricts their right to free speech. They want an emergency order blocking the ordinance until a jury trial can be held.

Bikini bars are different from strip clubs in that dancers remain covered. They also serve alcohol, banned from clubs where nudity is permitted. Neither Pinellas nor Pasco counties has ordinances regulating them.

Local governments say the clubs invite prostitution, illegal drugs and lewd behavior. The owners argue dancers have a constitutional right to self-expression.

Wanted: Slim the Slithering Serpent

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. (AP) — Students at a Long Island school have more than the three Rs to deal with these days. They're hunting for a reptile running loose. Slithering, actually.

The 2-foot serpent's name is Slim, a ball python who escaped from its tank in the sixth-grade science room it had occupied for five years at the Hauppauge Middle School.

On Tuesday, teachers were putting Slim and another snake named Otis back into their containers when a student with a problem in the hall distracted them for a few moments.

"The calculating snakes took this as an opportunity to make a break for it," principal Maryann Fletcher explained to parents in a letter. Otis was caught. Slim was not.

Pythons — cold-blooded serpents native to West Africa — are not generally dangerous. If afraid, they usually roll themselves into a ball.

Still, the principal promised that the school is "making every effort to locate the snake." To entice the critter, the school has set up heating lamps and traps filled with crickets.

Some People Prefer Self-Inflicted Punishment

RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. (AP) — A man accused of stealing from his mother had a bone to pick with the prosecutor seeking $30,000 bond — it simply wasn't high enough.

"I stole from my mother. I don't think that bond's high enough," Cedric Criswell, 34, told District Judge Don Bourne on Wednesday.

Bourne seemed to agree, setting bond for $50,000 for Criswell, who is accused of stealing his mother's car and checkbook. Criswell remained jailed in lieu of bond.

Detective David Virden said that Criswell and two others — Amanda Garis, 19, and Ashley James, 21 — used forged checks to buy surveillance equipment, cell phones and stereo equipment.

Everyone Gets Their 15 Minutes

NAPLES, Fla. (AP) — Dennis Davis has reached celebrity status in a Spanish village he's never visited.

Three years ago, the 16-year-old put a message in a bottle that eventually washed up on a beach near Malpica.

Now, thanks to an article about the bottle published in a Spanish newspaper Aug. 26, the whole town knows more about the American who lives more than 4,000 miles away than he knows about them.

The bottle was part of a project at Oak Ridge Middle School. Teachers there had students bring glass bottles with cork tops to class. On one side of a paper, the teachers wrote a note about themselves, with contact information.

On the other side, students wrote things about themselves, including their ages, where they went to school and what their lives in Naples were like.

Dennis would like to read the Spanish article that features him. But before he can understand it, the teen needs to finish the Spanish I class he's enrolled in this year.

"I thought it was kind of weird that I've never been there, and I see my name in their newspaper," Dennis said. "It's like I'm famous in another country."

Officers! The Weed is Over Here!

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Aaron Janssen apparently made it way too easy for police.

Janssen, 36, was arrested on marijuana charges Thursday after he was spotted taking a leisurely stroll through downtown, carrying his recently harvested pot plants, police said.

Polk County Chief Deputy Mark Burdock said he did a double-take when he looked out his office window at the county jail and saw Janssen walking down the sidewalk with the stalks.

"He was carrying it like you'd carry a bundle of presents. It was tall enough where he was looking over the top of them, and he's just walking like nothing's going on," Burdock said.
Burdock said he went outside and yelled at Janssen, who walked right over to him, still carrying the plants.

Janssen said the plants were part of his marijuana grown near the Des Moines River, but wouldn't say exactly where, Burdock said.

Deputies also found two two-pound bags of processed marijuana strapped to each of Janssen's legs, and a third wrapped in a sweater.

"He didn't seem intoxicated or anything of that nature," Burdock said. "He was just kind of proud of his grow."

Compiled by FOXNews.com's Hannah Sentenac.

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