Israeli Statement on Arafat Expulsion

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Here are excerpts from the Israeli government statement that declared Yasser Arafat (search) to be a "complete obstacle" to peace and will be removed.

"The prime minister ordered the army to act ceaselessly ... to destroy the terrorist organizations, and take all necessary steps against the leaders, commanders and those who carry out the attacks." Israel will continue this "until it is convinced ... that the Palestinian Authority is taking real action toward the dismantling and destruction of the terrorist organizations..."

"Recent days' events have proven again that Yasser Arafat is a complete obstacle to any process of reconciliation ... Israel will act to remove this obstacle in the manner, at the time, and in the ly after the dismantlement and destruction of the terrorist organizations. This is the duty of the Palestinian Authority (which) will be judged only by its actions and not its declarations...."

"The Cabinet also decided that the construction of the security fence (between Israel and the West Bank) will be accelerated."