Israeli Missile Sets Off Series of Explosions at Palestinian Refugee Camp

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Israeli soldiers fired a missile at a building in a Palestinian refugee camp (search) near Nablus (search) early Friday, setting off several explosions, after the soldiers came under fire, military sources said.

Palestinian witnesses said one person, apparently a gunman firing at the soldiers from the roof of the building, was killed. They said Israeli forces evacuated Palestinian families from the structure.

The sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Israeli forces entered the Askar refugee camp at 4:30 a.m. to arrest suspects, and that the soldiers came under fire from Palestinians. The Israelis returned the fire, aiming an anti-tank missile at the third floor of a building in the camp.

The missile set off a series of explosions, destroying the third floor. The sources said the source of the blasts was either an explosives laboratory or an arms cache.

Though the main Palestinian groups called a cease-fire on June 29, dramatically reducing the level of fighting that had held during nearly three years of violence, the Israeli military continues its operations in the West Bank (search) to arrest Palestinian terror suspects. The military sends forces into Palestinian towns, villages and refugee camps almost every night to make arrests.