Israeli Envoy: Truck in U.N. Blast Came From Syria

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Israel's ambassador to the United Nations said Thursday that intelligence reports show the truck used in the deadly bombing of U.N. headquarters in Baghdad came from Syria (search).

However, Ambassador Dan Gillerman said he had no evidence linking Syria directly to Tuesday's attack, which killed more than 20 people and injured more than 100.

"All I'm saying is that intelligence reports and reports we've seen and heard in the media indicate the truck that blew up the compound in Baghdad came from Damascus," the Syrian capital, Gillerman told reporters.

Syria's deputy U.N. ambassador said there was no information that the truck came from his country. "It's an absolutely crazy allegation," said Fayssal Mekdad, whose country holds the Security Council presidency.

Gillerman's statement was the first identifying the origin of the Soviet-made truck that exploded outside the Canal Hotel (search) where the U.N. offices were located.

The ambassador was asked if there was a connection between the attack on U.N. headquarters Tuesday and a suicide bombing in Jerusalem hours later that killed 20 Israelis, including six children.

"I don't know they were coordinated," Gillerman said. "But what I do feel very strongly is that they are both part of a concerted, global terrorist network and terrorist war which is being waged against the whole free world."