Isn't It Rich, Being Rich?

On Monday, Joe Lieberman (search) unveiled a plan to make the rich pay "their fair share" in taxes. He leads a platoon of Democrats who want to roll back tax cuts for the wealthy.

Believe me, the well-to-do need no lobby. But they do need a fair shake.

I think politicians need to wake up to the people who are paying up. I mean, when is giving 35 percent of your income to the government not doing enough?

When is a group's forking over more in taxes than all other groups combined not helping enough?

What politician can honestly look at the top one percent in this country, paying more than a third of the taxes in this country, and say they are not being taxed enough? I'll tell you what politicians: the clueless and ungrateful ones!

It's easy to forget the rich pay the more in taxes as a group after the president's tax cut, than before.

It's easy to forget that the rich hire more people, buy more things and do more things.

It's easy to forget the rich pay more social security taxes, state taxes, city taxes, municipality taxes, real estate taxes -- more taxes than any one else in this country -- put together in this country. And so they should. They earn more, so they pay more.

I'm OK with that. But, here's what I'm not OK with: Politicians who have the nerve to say, you're not paying your share.

Take a look at the tax tables, you ingrates. Read the charts, you trough-feeding, social-program pushing pimps. The very boondoggles you hold dear are funded by the so-called ingrates you sneer.

Rich people aren't evil people. I've known just as many poor schmucks, as I have wealthy ones. Character has no salaried pedigree.

So get over the name game and get to the real blame: yourselves -- the ones who want to make government bigger.

Wealthy people aren't the problem. Most weren't born with it. They created it. While you were busy railing, they were busy building. And now they're the ones paying.

So, let me be clear: They're the people paying up. So first, why don't you shut up.

If you haven't the simple decency to say "thank you," then for once in your smarmy, disingenuous, photo-opportunity lives, refrain from saying "screw you."

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