Isabel's Effects, State by State

A look at the aftereffects of Hurricane Isabel (search).

NORTH CAROLINA: Three people killed, two by falling trees and a utility worker who was electrocuted. About 117,000 customers were still without power Saturday. Some 11,000 people stayed in shelters.

VIRGINIA: Seventeen deaths blamed on the storm, six in storm-related road accidents, five by falling tree limbs, three drownings and three apparently by carbon monoxide poisoning from generators. About 977,000 Dominion Virginia Power (search) customers were still without service Saturday evening.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: One traffic death blamed on the storm. At least 87,000 still without power Saturday.

MARYLAND: Six deaths, two by apparent carbon monoxide poisoning from portable generator, two killed in weather-related traffic accidents, and two utility workers electrocuted while trying to restore power. About 850,000 customers still had no power Saturday, the Maryland Emergency Management Office (search) said.

DELAWARE: About 33,000 customers still without power Saturday.

NEW JERSEY: One person killed by falling tree. Three major utilities serving the state said about 17,000 customers were still without power Saturday.

NEW YORK: About 1.1 million customers lost power in or near New York City though almost all had it restored by midday Friday.

PENNSYLVANIA: One death caused by falling tree. State officials said about 185,000 customers remained without electricity Saturday evening.

RHODE ISLAND: One man killed when a wave swept him into the ocean while he was walking along the shore.

WEST VIRGINIA: About 12,000 customers remained without electricity early Saturday, mostly in the Eastern Panhandle. About 200 people were ordered from their homes along South Branch of the Potomac River, which crested Saturday about 9 feet above flood stage at Springfield.