Is Nothing Sacred?

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Eight bicycles remained on the rack outside the religious school, several hours after eight students were killed in Jerusalem. Family members came to identify the dead. The men tried not to show emotion, and the mothers wept into the chests of consoling family members.

Our cameraman, Yaniv, didn’t film the relative’s arrival. I was about to ask why, when I noticed none of the other cameras were rolling. Moments later … a flash went off.

An angry Israeli man smashed an American photographer’s camera who had tried to take a picture. They announced in Hebrew that no one was to film the family members, but not everyone covering the event spoke Hebrew.

It’s been a very long time since the international media in Jerusalem covered an attack like this. The last one was in September 2004.

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Last night, a lone Palestinian gunman walked into the library and killed eight students. Most of the dead were 15 to 19 years old. They were all studying in the library when they were attacked.

The gunman drove a shuttle bus which went past this library almost everyday. He walked into the school with a cardboard box with an AK-47 hidden inside.

By the time I arrived on the scene, hundreds of religious Jews who had gathered there were shouting, “Death to Arabs!”

Israeli forces raided the gunman's East Jersalem home, and they are still working to see if others were involved.

Yaniv, who has covered numerous suicide bombings in the past told me, "You can tell this attack was very, very bad because the police officers in the past never looked this silent and down."

Blood covered the religious books. Blood covered the floors. Blood covered the white prayer shawls the boys wore. In fact, the white shawls were completely soaked with red.

Shortly before FOX Report, one Orthodox Jewish man came up to me and said, "I want you to report this attack means something completely different to us because it wasn't on a bus or a coffee shop ... it was in the most sacred place for us Jews ... our religious school."

As a Jewish Ethiopian mother came to identify her dead son’s body at the school, she was crying loudly. Her other son shouted in Hebrew, "I will avenge for my brother's blood that was spilled."

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Reena Ninan is a reporter for FOX News Channel.