Is Michael Jackson Courting Trouble Again?

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Jacko: Courting Trouble Again?

The atrocious behavior of Lindsay Lohan's parents is just one reason why the 21-year-old actress is in so much trouble now. That's what those who are really close to Lindsay and now fear for her life are telling me.

Between avaricious Michael Lohan's many media appearances Tuesday — which no doubt carried remuneration — and Dina Lohan's absence from her daughter's crisis, we can tell more about what happened to this girl than anything else.

But now my sources — who are impeccable on this matter — are scared for Lindsay.

"Dina didn't fly right out to see her yesterday when she got the news that Lindsay had been arrested again," my source said. "It's unbelievable. And her father's been on TV all day."

In the meantime, Lindsay spent her post-arrest hours with attorney Blair Berk and her assistant.

What happens next? Nothing good, that's for sure. Lohan, my sources conclude, is less likely to withstand a jail stint than Paris Hilton.

"She hates being alone — she can't do it," an observer said.

My sources fear for Lindsay's life, and surmise that, in some way, she is trying to kill herself.

The main difference between Lindsay and Paris: The latter actually has a strong family structure to lean on. Lindsay has nothing — nobody except people she pays.

"She's in some kind of pain that doesn't stop," my source said. "She's done drugs with all kinds of older movie stars, but they can stop when they want. She can't."

The fact is, my source said, Oscar-winners and nominees have guided Lohan down a pretty scary path not realizing that they were older, wiser and more in control than she.

It's hard to differentiate the craziness on TV talk shows — and Larry King, don't ask about his guests last night — from the Lindsay I've known for several years.

On Tuesday, a lot of people asked me: Is her career over? I think it's more important to wonder: Will her life be over?

Someone, somewhere has got to help prevent this girl from doing something tragic.