It's now been three weeks since it was reported by the Middle East Media Research Institute (search) — also known as MEMRI — and a week since The Wall Street Journal took up the question.

Is Iran serious about its threats to the U.S.?

You probably noticed that two Iranian security guards were kicked out of the U.S. last week because — after repeated warnings to stop — they continued to go out in New York and take pictures of major public facilities... bridges, Times Square and the sort.

The Iranians keep saying they are tourists, but they aren't. Our guys have been watching them for months. They didn't stop what they were doing, so we booted them.

Meanwhile, MEMRI reports a statement by an Iranian official in Tehran that his organization is mapping 29 sensitive sites in America as a list of targets.

This same official has publicly stated: "We have a strategy drawn up for the destruction of Anglo-Saxon civilization."

That's us, folks.

These are the guys now building the bomb after telling the Brits, the French and the Germans that they would ratchet back on their bomb-building activities.

They were lying to buy time, same as North Korea lied to former presidents Clinton and Carter.

The Wall Street Journal says it's time for the U.S. to start encouraging the democrats in Iran to take the country back from the crazy mullahs.

Obviously... but Iran should also be told that the U.S. has not been worn out by Iraq, and that we are still willing to use our military power in our own defense.

That's My Word.

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