Is Florida Town Being Overrun By Apes?

A sleepy Florida town is the center of an odd mystery after reports of spooky, high pitched shrieks and strange creatures in trees.

Local folklore of Glen St. Mary, Fla., indicates that the sounds are that of an ape, specifically an orangutan, reported. One family even claims to have seen the orange beast nesting in a tree.

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A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission investigator who answered the original complaint call on the ape said something was definitely at the top of the tree, but couldn’t confirm exactly what it was.

He told that he took a pack of jelly donuts and left it at the bottom of the tree, hoping to lure the creature to the ground. Since then, he hasn’t seen or heard from it.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the creature has disappeared.

"There is kind of that 'I've seen a bigfoot' type of feel to it," resident Eric Lawson told "They said it made a nest in that tree, so it's probably somewhere here in the area."