Is Dick Morris Right About Hillary Clinton?

No one is neutral about Hillary. Those who love her are passionate; those who hate her are equally passionate, if not more so.

Enter Dick Morris, who worked closely enough with Mrs. Clinton to know the good, the bad and the ugly. He's just written a (scathing) book about her. So here's your chance to comment on Hillary and/or Dick -- since Mr. Morris will be on my show Wednesday.

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Monday, May 3: John Gets the Boot

Okay, “Idol” fans... “DaySide” is about to feature another of the contestants who has been sent packing by “A.I.” John, that adorable redhead -- who has been teased a bit for singing "Mandy" -- is going to be live in my studio with me for Tuesday's show.

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I'll pass it on to John!  Make sure you watch.