Is Britney Spears' Agent Jason Trawick Her New K-Fed?

Has Britney Spears finally found the guy who can fill ex-husband Kevin Federline's flip-flops?

Spears and agent Jason Trawick have been spending more and more quality time together, according to celebrity photography site

"In my eyes, Britney and Jason are definitely together," one of their paparazzi says. "I've never seen any other celebrity spend as much time with their agent as Brit does - vacation in Costa Rica, dinner, the Bahamas, running out to get Starbucks on a Saturday afternoon - I mean, it's not just business as usual."

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A quick review of the maybe-couple's sightings shows them in several closer-than-friends scenarios over the past few years.

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Plus, Spears has a history of hooking up with her employees: K-Fed was her backup dancer before he became her lead partner.

With her career back in full swing, with her Circus tour and successful guest spots on "How I Met Your Mother," Trawick is obviously earning his 10 percent.

Whether he has taken similar interest in personally resuscitating her personal life, remains to be seen.

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