'Iron Man' a Cut Above the Usual Box Office Fare

"Iron Man" is a super-sized hit fit for a super hero.

Friday night the Jon Favreau-directed Marvel Comics film took in $32.5 million at the box office. That sets the stage for a $90 million-plus weekend.

It's not a bad vindication for star Robert Downey Jr., who might be the first actor to get awards notice out of a comic book film. But it's his tremendous performance that drives "Iron Man" and has made it into something a cut above the usual fare.

"Made of Honor," the other new release of the week, is doing OK, too. Somewhat based on Patrick Dempsey's popularity from the TV drama "Grey's Anatomy," "Made of Honor" looks like it will clear $15 million for its first weekend. That number should assure it a decent run and a profit.

After a long dry spell, Hollywood is back in business. And in just three weeks "Indiana Jones," followed by "Sex and the City," should really kick up the action.