Iraqi Police Disarm Teen Before Bomb Vest Detonates

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Iraqi police released dramatic photos of a teenage girl who apparently was ready to blow herself up in front of a school in Baqouba.

When police approached her outside the school Sunday afternoon, she was crying and gave no indication she knew about the explosives she was wearing under her colorful robes.

The girl, who identified herself as Rania, told police that she was wearing a vest — which turned out to be packed with 33 pounds of explosives — and that two women, perhaps her husband's relatives, had told her to wait outside the school. She said her husband personally had fitted her for the vest.

Iraqi police said Monday the girl's father also was a suicide bomber, and that her mother and a sister later were arrested.

U.S. sources, however, told the Daily Mail that the girl turned herself in after being hooked up to the explosives against her will.

The near-disaster was captured on video that police released to reporters Monday. Images from the video show a distraught girl with her arms tied behind her back, the result of police attempts to restrain her.

A policeman is shown opening her robe, and later, she is seen wearing what appears to be the vest found stuffed with plastic explosives.

Police told the Daily Mail that the girl took them back to the apartment where she was given the vest, and they found another bomb device there.

A policeman standing next to her could be heard saying that when she was picked up, she was unable to talk and appeared to have been given drugs.