Iraqi Ministry Official Assassinated

Terrorists shot and killed a senior official in Iraq's (search) Transportation Ministry here Sunday, officials said.

Zoba Yass (search), director general of the ministry's projects, and his driver were killed in the Dora area of southern Baghdad (search) as they drove to work, a police officer and officials at the transportation and interior ministries said on condition of anonymity.

The officials said it wasn't immediately clear whether the insurgents were in a vehicle or on foot when they opened fire, but that they had escaped from the scene.

Also in Baghdad, police Maj. Gen. Sabbah Abdul-Hadi said he was accidentally shot and wounded by U.S. troops early Sunday when they returned fire from insurgents in the western neighborhood of Khadra.

Lying in a hospital bed at Baghdad's Yarmouk hospital, Abdul-Hadi showed an Associated Press photographer two bullet wounds in his right shoulder and one in his face.

"When I saw them coming, I parked on the side of a street, but they still opened fire," said Abdul-Hadi of the American forces.

The U.S. military said it had no immediate information about the reported shooting or that Abdul-Hadi had been wounded.