Iraq War Was Right Thing to Do

Was the war worth it?

The left — and all the Democrat presidential candidates — say no.

You've heard it all — the war of lies, the incompetence, war crimes, the stain on America’s name, our friends don't like us any more — the hating Bush.

It gets tedious to say you're wrong, but duty calls.

I think the war was the right thing to do even if it wasn't always done right.

Ask yourself, “Would you have wanted Saddam Hussein on his throne in Baghdad the last five years? What kind of mischief would he have been making? Do you think our lives would be sweetness and light with Saddam safe and secure and untouchable?”

Remember, France had been bought off with oil for food billions and Jacques Chirac was trying to rehab Saddam and reintroduce him to the world as a proper national leader in charge of a supposedly well-behaved Iraq.

If Bush had not acted — or had waited for more inspector dithering — this country would have been into a primary season and a new presidential election season, a time when politics makes launching a war impossible.

And after that '04 election, Saddam would have been in the clear and he would still be among us.

As we now know from Saddam's interrogator — who became his close friend — Saddam never gave up plans for big, gaudy weapons of mass destruction, even if he had to clean his closets and not get caught committing a misdemeanor while holding a felony. He also had to convince the world, and especially his neighbors, that he still had big ugly weapons of mass destruction to hold off either Arabic speaking or Farsi speaking invaders.

The latest Pentagon report on Saddam and Al Qaeda connections has been widely misreported. No operational connections, it said, and true dat. But the record is rife with the endless meetings and skulking around of bin Laden and Saddam emissaries.

Is the left in America really so comfortable with the fact that the guy who attacked us was growing very close to Saddam Hussein, but we should do nothing about Saddam Hussein? If so, bad on them.

The war has been occasionally mismanaged. Too many Americans have been killed and maimed. We are overburdening our military; it is costly in the extreme. But it was right to do and we are better off having done it.

Quitting as we're about to succeed would be stupid and surely even the left knows that.

That's My Word.

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