Iran or North Korea: Who's the Bigger Threat?

North Korea said Wednesday it will step up efforts to strengthen its "nuclear deterrent capabilities" in response to U.S. pressure, and discarded American calls for multilateral talks on the atomic dispute.

The comments by North Korea's Foreign Ministry -- carried by the North's official news agency KCNA -- came shortly after a state-run newspaper apparently acknowledged publicly for the first time that the communist nation has a nuclear weapons program.

In Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital, Secretary of State Colin Powell urged Southeast Asian nations to close ranks behind Washington's effort to form a coalition of countries to curb North Korea's nuclear weapons ambitions.

Iran or North Korea: Who's the Bigger Threat?

A sample of your responses:

Toss a coin. The only difference is we can use diplomacy with North Korea.
Mike M.
Las Vegas, NV

Korea is definitely the greater threat.  The Muslims proved they are inferior fighters during Operations Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom.  Heck...Iraq and Iran fought for 10-years without either side being victorious.  The Russians and Afghans fought for nearly 10-years.  We proved in Afghanistan and Iraq that we can eliminate any threat in that part of the world without much effort.  Now the North Korean's will fight...which compounds the threat from them.
Rich B.
Sherwood, AR

They both want nuclear weapons?  If they don't calm down, maybe we should send them some via missile mail.
Raleigh, NC

Why not provoke a war between Iran and North Korea and let them fight it out?

I think North Korea, for sure. Their leader is a psychopath from all I’ve read.
Sylvania, OH

How about this great idea... we lock Kim Jong Il alone in a house with a dozen sexy singles, keep cameras on them 24 hours a day for an entire television season, and monitor their progress at such ventures as cohabitation, personal relationships, and getting over their differences!
Of course, this is a bad idea, but if MTV got it, they'd have the most outstanding ratings this fall.  "REAL WORLD: PYONGYANG" may not answer who's more evil, but the reruns alone would keep us in stitches for years!
Jim W.
Ames, IA

I think that North Korea is more dangerous because they have capabilities to create nuclear weapons.
Brittany H.
Memphis, TN

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