Iran Offers a Little Help in the War on Terror

So is Iran cooling its jets? Deciding it should help out America, just to create a little goodwill?

At first glance, it appears so and here's why:

Shortly after the invasion of Iraq, Iran made it known that it had a few — perhaps as many as a dozen — fairly high-ranking Al Qaeda (search) members in custody. Usama bin Laden is not among them.

In reported custody are Saad bin Laden (search), who was learning the terror business at his father's knee, as well as a Kuwaiti, an Egyptian and a Jordanian.

The Americans called the Saudis, told them to call the Iranians and demand the suspects be sent to Saudi Arabia so the U.S. could get its hands on them.

The Saudis called the Iranians, and the Iranians said, "Sure, but there's a catch." They said they would return to Saudi Arabia any Saudi Al Qaeda member they have.

So Iran is trying to be helpful... a bit. But the fact is, there's also an important Al Qaeda Egyptian, an important Al Qaeda Kuwaiti and an important Al Qaeda Jordanian left, but the Iranians aren't turning them over to either the Saudis or the Americans.

Whatever the Saudis get, the Americans will also get. That means bin Laden's son will soon be turned over to us, as well as a few other lower-level Saudi Al Qaeda operatives.

So it's a start.

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