Iran Nuke Bomb Issue on Next President's Desk

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After the NIE report came out and all the shouting and arguing about it, my only question is: Who is George Bush supporting for president in '08?

It appears to me he is supporting the candidate who will bomb Iran. It's clear he's not going to do it, that he's standing pat on Iraq, and he's not going to disturb the tacit deal he has with Ahmadinejad that if Iran stays out of Iraq, Bush will stand down on bombing Iran over its bomb.

But you can hear him talk about it almost any hour of the day now: Iran is dangerous, which is true; Iran maintains the capability to build a bomb and quickly, which is true; and Iran may have halted its bomb program, but it is proceeding with stockpiling the material with which it could make a bomb almost overnight, which is also true, even if it's a slight exaggeration.

So Bush seems to be saying, I'm done. I don't have Europe behind me on attacking Iran, I don't have the Congress, I don't have the American people, so fine, you guys can deal with it. The you guys, of course, is the collection of presidential candidates who want his job.

Can you imagine the long faces in the Clinton campaign yesterday? They must have been saying, oh my god, we may have to bomb Iran?

Please don't bore me with that garbage that she will use diplomacy and negotiations to dig the world out of the hole that Iran's nuke bomb represents. The Iranians will negotiate and send diplomats to meetings and one day they will announce they have successfully tested a nuke.

So what's Hillary going to do then? What will Giuliani do? What would Huckabee or Obama or Edwards or McCain or Romney do?

They better figure it out quickly because George Bush isn't going to solve this problem for them. And when whoever walks into the Oval Office, the Iran bomb is going to be sitting on the desk.

Good luck on this, Dems. Bush would have done it had he had some support, but you killed that. You better start backtracking and getting a whole lot more hawkish. Your day on the hot seat is coming.

That's My Word.

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