Iran Grills 150 on Taliban, Al Qaeda Links

Authorities arrested some 150 people, including European, Arab and African nationals, who fled into Iran from Afghanistan and are questioning them over any links to the Taliban or Al Qaeda, the state news agency said Thursday.

So far in the questioning, none of the detainees has been connected to Afghanistan's former ruling militia or Usama bin Laden's terror network, the Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

The detainees include Arab, African and European nationals, some carrying French, British, Belgian, Spanish and Dutch passports, the agency reported.

Relevant foreign embassies have been notified, the agency said.

Initial questioning of the detainees has revealed that most of the group had entered Iran following the U.S.-led military strikes on Afghanistan that began Oct. 7, the agency quoted the source as saying.

Several women and children were believed to be among those detained.

Iranian officials could not be immediately reached for comment.